Nationally Published Advertising and Editorial Cowboy Photographer and Western Lifestyle Advertising Photographer, Steve Thornton
Travel Advertising Photographer
Sorrento, Italy - Photographed by International Advertising and Travel Photographer, Steve Thornton

Shopping in Sorrento - the Grapefruit sized yellow items in front & to the left are lemons.

After seeing these I decided I wanted some lemonade, not the junk they pan off as lemonade (Crystal Light) but the real, bona fide genuine thing. So we were at a bar & I ordered "Lemon Juice" which is just that. They bring out the glass which is 1/3 filled with lemon juice, ice and they also bring a small picture of water. So I poured the water over the ice & into the juice. I knew it would take some sugar so I added 2 packs of sugar to the concoction & took a sip. 3-5 minutes later... and after my mouth returned to a semi normal state I added 4 more, which was still not enough, so I added one more. After I drank the glass about half way down I then filled the glass back just short of running all over my hand. It was still strong. Photographed with Canon Professional camera & Canon 16-35 zoom lens.

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