Steve Thornton
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

This image was shot on a miserably cold day. It was about 5F degrees (-15C), it was solid overcast, the wind was blowing about 15-20 MPH (25-30 KPH), it was sleeting, so we had a high humidity level, and was within 20 minutes of sunset, hence the blue cast.

The location is a ranch just outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado and the elevation is about 8200' (2400 meters). The cowboy in the photo is Larry Mahan, a 6 time World All-Around Rodeo Champion cowboy.

By the time we shot this series, all of us had been outside for 2 hours and the horses were not used to being pushed so as a result I was just not getting what I needed and I was wondering if I would ever get an iconic image. After seeing the shots on the back of my camera after this run I finally thought we had what I needed to quit & get warm. We were all very happy when this shoot was over and glad we got a great image for our client.

The gear: Canon camera, 1/500 second shutter speed, 1000 ISO, 70-200 zoom lens at 70mm and f4. I had put all of my spare batteries inside a Lightware pouch along with 4 chemical hand warmers to keep them warm. I had one left by the time we finished this image. The cold just kills the batteries and I was relived I had enough.

This comment is from Peter Orre in Germany: "Great shot, what wonders focused work in tough conditions can do!!"

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