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Above: This image is an assembly of 2 images, the water, palm tree & condo is one, the plane, sky and clouds is the other.
In this image, you can see the sky in the original image is solid white, in fact it is actually raining.
The large dome port, 9" (23cm) in diameter, of the underwater housing is about one inch (25mm) below the surface of the water.
In the image below you can see Steve has removed the sky, here it looks checkered,
this is Photoshop's way of letting you know it is transparent.
This is the photograph of the plane , blue sky & clouds. The arrow shows the direction Steve rotated the image.
The difficult part was to modify the plane to look as if it was shot from underwater, this was done via several filters.
Here you can see the final pre-cropped image.

This was photographed using a Canon digital camera inside a Seacam underwater housing with a 9" glass dome port attached. The lens for the underwater portion was a Canon 15mm f2.8 Fisheye and the photo with the plane was shot with an 85mm f1.8 lens. Both images were processed and assembled in Photoshop.

Any comp or mock by an advertising agency, design firm or magazine for internal use only is always free, just ask me for the image & we will send it to you. Also any educational use is free, please just ask in advance. The exception to free educational use is any book publishing, printed or electronic.

This is what Steve's Seacam underwater housing and large dome port looks like:
This is with the rear part of the housing removed to show the camera body
This is shot from the front so you can see the size of the large dome port
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