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This fashion image was shot in downtown Denver, Colorado on a cold (6° F - minus 14.5° C) windy night. I had scouted the area the morning of the shoot to find a steam vent that was not in the middle of an intersection or in the middle of the street. This vent was off to the side of the street in a bicycle lane in a part of town with a low amount of traffic. I also asked Carol to watch my back in case a driver somehow missed seeing the model & me.

The “Great" "Problem” was the wind. I say “Great” because without the wind I would have never been able to have this image with the steam swirling around the model. The “Problem” was most of the shots just did not work due to the steam being blown out of the shot or totally enveloping the model or me or the both of us.

The gear:
Canon camera set at 160 ISO, 1/25 second shutter speed with an 85mm f1.8 lens at f2.5.
I used a long shutter speed to allow some of the ambient light to illuminate the background so you could have a sense of depth and place. I also used 2 Lumedyne packs, one was in a FourSquare “Travel” softbox, placed slightly behind the model on her left side, and the other was a hard light directed from the model's front left side aimed mostly down onto the coat and not so much on her face. These 2 battery powered strobe packs provided the main light.


Any use for a comp or mock by an advertising agency, design firm or magazine, for internal use only, is always free, just ask me for the image & I will send it to you. Also any educational use is free, please just ask in advance. The exception to free educational use is any form of commercial publishing, printed or electronic.

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