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When shooting Advertising Industrial imagery or Editorial Industrial imagery, it is sometimes difficult to make it interesting. Take these HVAC items: Almost devoid of color, largely flat panels shaped like a box and made from galvanized steel. The key is to shoot them without large areas of light and without dark areas. Also I needed to hold the specular highlights to zero. Given the shiny metallic material these industrial items are made of, a tall order.

I had arranged to go to this plant prior to the shoot so I could accomplish three things:
1: Look where I wanted to shoot the items,
2: Look at the items for a sense of what I needed to bring with me, both lighting & crew wise, and
3: What scale of product I was dealing with.

After leaving the plant I knew that because of the reflectivity, I had to light these items the same way I had illuminated heavily sequined dresses, jewelry and glass. Because of both the scale and type of the items needing photography, this was way beyond what the average photographer would have available to him or her. I needed motion picture light controls, which I have been using for 20+ years.

Another problem was how to properly light the entire exterior, a very light & shiny metallic material, and still get enough light inside the openings to show what was inside, another real problem solved by 25+ years of experience.

This entire project was shot with Canon Professional Digital Cameras with Canon lenses, in RAW mode & processed in Photoshop. All commercial use is available only with a limited copyright release prior to use from the copyright holder, Steve Thornton and is subject to my client's approval. Thanks for looking!

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