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This Lifestyle image was taken at sunrise near Hollywood. The biggest problem was the rip current which kept moving us off shore. I noticed how fast we moved off the beach & said, "Rip tide, get back close the the beach". The next issue was the size of the waves, with every set we would float up & settle back down 3-6 feet (1-2 meters) towards the ocean. This type of photography is the most difficult I have ever shot. Not only do you have to frame the image, focus the image, expose the image with constantly changing light due to clouds and the rising sun, I also have models moving in different directions, I have waves breaking over me, the camera gear inside the housing which is designed for neutral buoyancy underwater but is heavy out of the water, as in these photos. Plus dealing with the wind and the current. Another problem is the very short time window where the light is perfect, about 25 minutes. I normally meet the models about 45 minutes before sunrise. This way I can pick the swimsuits and have the models get to know each other before shooting. Plus in case traffic is bad they will still get there in time to shoot in perfect light.

Shot with a Canon Professional Digital Camera set in RAW mode, Canon lens, inside a Seacam underwater housing & processed in Photoshop. If you would like to use this image, or any of my images for mock or comp use, please just ask. There is never a charge for this service. Any educational use is permitted without charge, unless published, but please ask first. All commercial use is available only with a limited copyright release prior to use from the copyright holder, Steve Thornton. Thanks for looking!

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