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This Fashion Advertising image was shot in Cologne, Germany. I was visiting Photokina and on the drive into the event I noticed these old empty buildings. I was talking to another photographer who told me how to get in (sneaking in a gate that had been bent just enough I should say). Almost all of the light on the model is from a Lumedyne strobe head bouncing onto a California Sunbounce reflector that my assistant is holding. The long exposure (1/13 second) is made possible by the camera being on a tripod. The reason for the long exposure is this building is dark and I wanted to show the environment surrounding the model. So the shutter speed was extended to allow the ambient light to fill in the shadows.

This shoot was also videoed to be played on showing me using California Sunbounce products.

If you would like to use this image, or any of my images for mock or comp use, please just ask. There is never a charge for this service. Any educational use is permitted without charge, unless published, but please ask first. All commercial use is available only with a limited copyright release prior to use from the copyright holder, Steve Thornton. Thanks for looking!

The gear: Canon 16-35mm zoom lens set @ 24mm f4 mounted onto a Canon Professional Digital Camera 1/13 second @100 ISO set in RAW mode. Lumedyne strobe head mounted onto a flash bracket bounced into a California Sunbounce "mini" reflector.

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