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While I was waiting in the main train station in Milan, Stazione Centrale di Milano or Milano Centrale, I commenced to wander around a bit shooting. This B&W toned image of a floor drain was shot during my foray. I found it interesting that such a mundane object would garner such effort in design & construction. My guess is this was made in 1930 or 1931. To me it shows the lengths the Italians will go for the sake of design & beauty. All of the pieces of steel were cut & then assembled and carefully welded into position.

The station itself was designed and built with typical Italian blistering speed and efficiency. King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy laid the cornerstone of the new station on April 28, 1906, a full 6 years before there was even a blueprint of the station. The architect modeled the building after Union Station in Washington D.C., another magnificent train station that still stands today across the street from the U.S. Capitol building. Fortunately for the lovers of architecture the project, which originally was pretty simple, kept changing and became more and more complex and majestic. This especially happened when Benito Mussolini became Prime Minister in 1922 and wanted the station to represent the status and position of the "glorious" fascist regime. The station has no one real architectural style, but is a blend of many different styles, mostly Art Deco and Liberty, but you can find other styles mixed in. Even with this obvious mismatch, it is a stunning structure. Finally, on July 1, 1931, some 25 years after the cornerstone was laid, the station was officially opened.

Gear: Canon professional digital camera, 16-35 mm f2.8 Canon Zoom lens set at 35mm @ f4, 1000 ISO and then processed using Photoshop CS4 and using the Adobe RAW converter and converted into B&W then toned.

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