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Maserati in the rain - Sebring, Florida
Rainy and gray day, meaning 100% lack of any great color.
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This image was shot in Sebring, Florida USA and was a very difficult image to produce. My vantage point is just after a wide right hand turn leading to the long back straight & I'm on the outside of the track. It is raining very hard so I have my lens & camera in their "Raincoat" while I'm in my raincoat and my typical cowboy hat. I had a golf cart to use that allowed me to carry everything I needed to shoot with on site. Shooting this image was the easy part of the final image. If you will roll your mouse over the image you can see the original photo... gray & lifeless.

This was a practice day where race teams make final adjustments to suspension, engine timing, fuel injection, ride height, tire pressures and experimenting with a wide range of tire rubber compounds. The drivers will get used to the track and try different "lines" into & out of turns to test the track and see where they get the best times.

Cars will go out and warm up then run several "Hot laps' to get a feel of how everything works. This day was the only day it rained during the week long practice session leading up to the 12 hour race. So most teams used this opportunity to put on their rain tires and set up the car for the rain that may come on race day.

Rain tires are treaded unlike the slick dry track tires normally used. They are "Sticky" meaning they have a phenomenal "Grip" on the wet pavement and the lap times will only suffer a few seconds off of running slick tires on dry pavement. However because they are made with such a soft rubber compound, they will literally ball up & disappear in just a few hot laps in dry conditions. Some teams will also have "Intermediate" tires in case parts of the track are wet and dry or if the rain is very light.

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