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Problem: Bright golf shot with blown out highlights.
Solution: Retouching and dropped in a properly exposed sky shot
within minutes of the golfer shot so all the elements would look real.

This is the original image exposed for the model This is the same sky but properly exposed
Read about this shot below

Because this golf course was in such miserable condition and because it had so very few "pretty" angles I could shoot, I elected to shoot into the sun with an ultra wide angle lens, making the sky a major element in the image. As you can see, the sky was great but because of shooting into the sun I knew it was going to be a major contrast problem. So I shot the model for 5 minutes then asked him to step out of the frame so I could shoot the sky and have: 1 - The image of the sky properly exposed, 2 - Have all of the elements line up and 3 - Be shot in the same "Quality" of light. Because I was shooting the sky only I aimed up so I could wind up with a much larger finished image giving my client more options how to use the image. If you will look at the sky shot above you will see there is very little "ground" in the shot and what is there is black. The real trick is knowing how to put the images together and still have it look believable.

Both images were shot with a Canon Professional camera in RAW mode & a Canon 14mm lens and then processed in Photoshop CS3.

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