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This fashion editorial was shot for "Cowgirl Magazine" in and near Milan, Italy. We started shooting on the northwest side of Stazione Centrale, (Central Station) Milan's main international train station. It is the B&W image with the model standing in front of a large metal door with a sign "Passo Carrabile" (Driveway). See below.

We are actually beside and below the tracks about mile from the front of the station. When the station was constructed they elevated the tracks so they could have under track passageways for traffic. It is actually a series of arches making up the elevated platform. The Italians put doors at each end of these arches, closing them off to people, and they rent them out as raw space. This was in front of a fresh fish delivery garage.

The image below is a roll-over.

Shot 1

From there we moved to a farm that has been allowed to lie fallow. It is a great location with many different "Looks" just by turning around or walking a few feet. Steve shoots at this farm all of the time and has gotten to know one member of the family quite well. So he not only appreciates it just for the photographic beauty, but knowing it's history and how it was so alive in past years.


This is the setup for the shot below


This shoot had an "Issue" and was delayed about 4 hours. Steve had had two models on hold until the day before the shoot date, at which point he then confirmed his "A" choice. Unfortunately around 3:30 the morning of the shoot, the "A" model sent Steve a text message saying she was experiencing a lower GI "disturbance". When Steve woke at 5:00 a.m. to prep for the shoot he got the message and knew that his A choice was now not going to work. So he sent the agent an e-mail asking if his Plan B model was able to shoot. Around 9:45 a.m. the agent called Steve apologizing profusely. It seems the model told Steve but did not tell her agent, so she was clueless about the problem until she got Steve's message.

"Yes", she said "the other model is available!" so Steve asked the agent to send him the model's address so he could pick her up along with the make up artist/hair stylist. By the time he had collected all of the players and started Hair & M/U it was noon and he did not shoot the first look until 2:15 p.m. and finished the project's last look at 8:10 p.m. having shot 9 different looks in 3 different locations 6 miles apart (9.4Km), most of it being in Milan's traffic, in just under 6 hours.

Steve said that he really wanted to shoot something that said "Milan" (Actually Steve says "Milano", but that is just due to him having lived in Italy on and off since 1985). But due to the disastrous loss of time in the morning, coupled with Milan's incessant heavy traffic, not to mention the extreme difficulty in parking in the center of town, he decided to shoot the train station vs. the main cathedral, called the Duomo.

Upon shooting the last look, Steve said "We're done" and the model began to politely clap. Steve said "Do that again!" and shot 4-5 "snapshots", as he calls them. This is a "Roll over", so roll your mouse over and off the image quickly to see our model happily clapping!


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