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This Cowboy & Cowgirl project was shot for a series of TV commercials. We were in Wolcott for not quite 4 days and, due to the short time avilable for us to be there, shot furiously every sunset and most sunrises. Great Sunrise light lasts about 20-25 minutes and Sunset can last as long as 90 minutes with correct atmospheric conditions. We will return to finish the project in early October, 2 days after we return from 3+ weeks in Italy and Germany for a series of projects there. Our client wants to have fall color incorporated into some of the TV spots.


For Photographers

The gear: Canon 5D MKIII cameras using a range of Canon and Sigma lenses starting with the 14mm up to the 400mm with a 2x converter to give us an 800mm lens.
Sacthler fliud head.
Photoclam Ball heads.
Gitzo CF tripods.


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