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9-16-2017 - We revisited this project: These Resort advertising and editorial images were shot at Villa La Cassinella on Lake Como, Lago di Como, Italy. This private rental villa is just stunning in it's location, architecture & gardens. Steve spent about 8 hours shooting the grounds. He was going to be in Milan, about 40 miles south of Lenno, Italy, where the villa is, and selected the best day possible. As you can see it was a clear day with royal blue sky. About 3 hours after arrived the butler visited him wanting to know if he would like some lunch. Steve said yes and when it was close to being ready the butler walked out and retrieved him.

11-30-2016 - This lifestyle group image was shot in Atlanta, GA

8-1-2016 - This Cowboy & Cowgirl project was shot for a series of TV commercials. We were in Wolcott for not quite 4 days and, due to the short time avilable for us to be there, shot furiously every sunset and most sunrises. Great Sunrise light lasts about 20-25 minutes and Sunset can last as long as 90 minutes with correct atmospheric conditions. We will return to finish the project in early October, 2 days after we return from 3+ weeks in Italy and Germany for a series of projects there. Our client wants to have fall color incorporated into some of the TV spots.

6-15-2016 - This fashion video was shot in Milan, Italy at what was a large industrial complex converted into loft spaces. This is the second video we shot with Yana, who had arrived in Milan 2 days before from Ukraine. She has been modeling for about a year and has worked in Japan and Taiwan. She is a very accomplished model at age 15 and we were very happy she was available to shoot.

The ability for the model to move, project and be 100% "comfortable in her own skin" is paramount in capturing the imagery we were able to get. This was Yana's first project with Steve and he hired her for another project 4 days later.

5-30-2016 - This fashion video was shot in Milan, Italy at what was a large industrial complex converted into loft spaces. Yana, the model, had arrived in Milan 2 days before from Ukraine. She has been modeling for about a year and has worked in Japan and Taiwan. She is a very accomplished model at age 15 and we were very happy she was available to shoot.

The ability for the model to move, project and be 100% "comfortable in her own skin" is paramount in capturing the imagery we were able to get. This was Yana's first project with Steve and he hired her for another project 4 days later.

5-11-2016 - This editorial style fashion image was shot in Milan, Italy during a "one on one" workshop where I am teaching a private client how to improve as a photographer.

For this image I was shooting almost directly into the VERY HARD reflected light, only being off by a few degrees from having the lens pointed directly into the reflector.

3-16-2016 - For photographers, videographers and video editors using Premiere Pro. Missing an Audio Track - You have spent X amount of time and suddenly you loose all or part of your audio. It was there but when you re-opened it the audio has vanished. All you need to do is change a few things and your audio will return to where it belongs.

3-12-2016 - For photographers and videographers, Magic Lantern. I have been using Magic Lantern since 11-2013. I own several 5D MKIII cameras and all of them are setup with Magic Lantern. If you want to shoot a full 1080HD video, the only DSLR camera you can use, at the time of this writing, is the Canon 5D MKIII. Other Canon cameras can record RAW video, but at a lesser resolution.

3-9-2016 - Personal Work. A manhole cover in Singapore. I was walking around in the city and liked the pattern, the paint and the rust.

2-17-2015 - This is the second Cowboy video Steve shot while in Colorado.

1-26-2016 - Steve was in Wolcott, Colorado, USA shooting some winter cowboy imagery. This afternoon everyone met at the ranch at 3 PM. By then the cowboys had already tacked the horses up and were ready to go. Steve grabbed his camera bag, hooked it onto the saddle horn, checked the cinch, reached up and grabbed a handful, stepped up and rode to the location with the cowboys. Once there Steve stepped off his horse and tied it to a tree. He removed the camera bag, grabbed the tripod and started looking for the location he wanted to start shooting. Go here to read more about the shoot and see the image.

1-24-2016 - Steve was in Wolcott, Colorado shooting some winter cowboy video. His day started at 5:30 am when the alarm goes off. Getting out of bed, dressing just enough to walk outside in the 3° (-16° C) weather to see if the weather forecast was correct or totally wrong. This morning the forecast held and there no need to send out the dreaded "The shoot is cancelled due to weather" text messages. The evening before Steve had stacked all of the gear close to the door as to make sure nothing was left in the frenzy of packing the four wheel drive truck and driving on a mix of snow, ice and cold asphalt. After putting on a pair of wool socks, and installing a set of "Toasty Toes" in his snow boots and the large sized hand warmers in his ski gloves (Steve does not ski, but found this pair or ski gloves that had a pouch to put the hand warmers into in Aspen many years ago). He then tied a silk wild rag around his neck, pulled on his ski pants and coat and stepped out once again into the brisk pre-dawn air noticing that there was the faintest of a hint of pre-dawn sunlight to the east. Go here to look at the video.

12-26-2015 - Personal Work. This was shot in Bellano, Italy on Lake Como, on a delightful mid afternoon and processed in Photoshop to look as if it was shot at night, read below.

This image was shot on one of my many scouting trips to the Lake Como area. I'm normally in Milano 2-3 times a year for a total of about 2 months shooting fashion & beauty projects. Any time I have a down day, and the weather is at least halfway decent, I'm in the car driving north to Como to look around for locations that, for me, are like works of art just waiting to be given the opportunity to be used "correctly" ("correctly", is of course, very subjective). When I first moved to Italy in 1985 I was going to live in Milano. My parents said I did not want to live in Milano, but Como instead, like I knew, but they were 110% right. So I am very familiar with the town of Como and Lake Como area in general and love it. Click here to read more.

12-7-2015 - The video "Singapore" was released. Steve was there for 2 days and had some time to shoot video at night.

12-4-2015 - In this "Over-Under in the water lifestyle image" there is believability between the models, even though they just met 20 minutes before. Even with seasoned professionals, in the first few minutes there is an initial uncertainty that has to wear off before you can get a "real" looking image. Steve says that by having years of watching people interact and training his eye to look for "Problems" he can tell if the image will or will not work. This same experience allows Steve to know how to direct the models to get a "Hero" image. When shooting boy/girl lifestyle the photographer needs to know what will look real vs. 2 strangers trying, and failing, to be intimate within moments of meeting for the first time. Go here for more.

12-3-2015 - Personal Work: This sunbaked lumber image was shot in Colorado about 1 hour east of Denver on what was a small rural farm.

12-2-2015 - Personal work. This close up of an owl's talons in the snow was shot in Colorado using a Canon camera and 70-200mm lens.

11-5-2015 - This fashion editorial was shot for "Cowgirl Magazine" in Santa Fe close to the main square. We based our styling crew out of the Inn and Spa at Loretto, which is 2 blocks from the square, making changes quick and easy. We also had lunch there and we can all recommend the food and service. All of the styling was pulled from stores in Santa Fe and we had lots of great items to choose from.

Steve arrived on Sunday so he could scout for locations. He started shooting another project for Cowgirl on Monday at the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, (That project will be in the next issue) shot the fashion editorial on Tuesday and finished shooting at the Museum on Wednesday morning and in the afternoon shot a short video on the chef and property. So a busy 4 days!

The gear:
Sunbounce Pro sized reflectors with boomstick and grip heads.
Canon cameras using these Canon lenses: 16-35mm f2.8 zoom lens, 24-70mm f2.8 zoom lens, 200mm f2 lens and an 85mm f1.4 Sigma lens. Sacthler fluid heads using Gitzo carbon fiber sticks.
A Steadicam Merlin with a SmallHD monitor.

9-15-2015 - This fashion editorial was shot for "Cowgirl Magazine" in front of the Flatiron building, in Grand Central Terminal and Times Square. We shot 8 looks plus a cover and some video. We started this process in the Park Ave. studio at 10 am. Normally I would start at 7 or 8 am but I knew I wanted to shoot some night shots and I wanted to try and not run over 10 hours total. We left the studio and walked towards the Flatiron building. I wanted to start shooting on the long park benches along Madison Park. The wardrobe stylist pulled the first look and we left with Gintare dressed in that look and the stylist brought 3 more changes with him. We then moved inside the park, then the subway shot and then shot the B&W outfit where Gintare is stepping off of the curb. We then walked back to the studio to re-roll the hair and change and grab some more changes. The move to Grand Central Terminal was via the subway that runs under Park Ave South. Not want to call attention to the shoot Gintare and I walked into the main hall and started to shoot. I did not like the angle so I walked out into the main hall a bit and sat down and shot there. From Grand Central we grabbed 2 taxis to Times Square to finish off the shoot.

The gear: Sunbounce Pro sized reflectors with boomstick and grip heads. Canon cameras using these Canon lenses: 16-35mm f2.8 zoom lens, 24-70mm f2.8 zoom lens, 85mm f1.8 lens, 200mm f2 lens & a 400mm f2.8 lens. Sacthler fluid heads using Gitzo carbon fiber sticks. A Steadicam Merlin with a SmallHD monitor.

6-6-2015 - Cover and editorial shot for "Cowgirl Magazine" with Linda Parelli - Steve tells us that this was a great shoot. He arrived in the morning to look around and scout the ranch. Linda and Pat's property near Ocala, FL is in the middle of huge horse country and this is their base in the wintertime. Shortly after Steve arrived Linda walked up and introduced herself and told him that she needed to shoot a short video training segment but to go with one of the hands and scout the ranch. This region of Florida is known for huge Live Oak trees and dripping with Spanish Moss, and you can tell from the photos this in this area. 

2-21-2015 - Personal Work, Cactus in Rio Verde - I was in Phoenix for a project in late February and had an "extra" day before flying back to Atlanta. On this day it started out a rainy and dreary day and I had planned to stay in the hotel room to work on the imagery I had shot for my client the day I arrived and the next day, which I did start on. Mid morning I checked the weather, something as an image maker I do out of habit, and noticed the forecast had changed from the night before and it looked like in the late afternoon I would have a 2 hour window of no rain with a chance of the clouds thinning to what might be a stunning sunset. So I stopped working on my client's project, packed the gear I would want and piled it by the door then went back working on my client project. In the afternoon I moved the gear into the rental car and drove to the location.

1-18-2015 - Clare Bowen editorial shoot for "Cowgirl Magazine". On October 19th, 2014 there was a knock on my hotel room door. I was staying at the Hermitage Hotel, in downtown Nashville, across the street from the Great State of Tennessee's capitol building. I got up, opened the door and there was a slim and very attractive young woman. As we shoot hands she said that she was Clare Bowen and thanked me "for doing this" (the photo shoot for "Cowgirl Magazine".) I replied that I was delighted that she was here and proceeded to show her my producer's hotel room where the festivities would start.

Clare's make up and hair styling crew were waiting to begin the light work that Clare needed. I say "Light Work" because she look pretty good to me as she was standing barefoot in the hotel hallway. While Clare was being attended to by her wonderful crew, my wardrobe stylist then looked at both what Clare brought plus what "Cowgirl Magazine" had sent and put together ideas of what went with what. It was ultimately up to what Clare wanted to wear and we went with her decisions. The reality is Clare could have closed her eyes and no matter where she pointed, that look would have been just fine. Clare has good taste in clothes and the magazine send some stunning wardrobe too.

In the mean time my assisting crew started to assemble the items I thought I might need for the shoot. When I got a call from Vicki letting me know that the hair and makeup team said there was about 30 minutes left before Clare would be ready, I asked my crew to move all of the gear downstairs to the grand lobby in the Hermitage Hotel.

I went to the lobby and showed my team what I wanted and then went back upstairs to Vicki's room because she called me to let me know I could look at the hair and makeup to be sure it was what I was looking for, which it was. The first image we shot was at the grand piano. I elected to shoot this first due to a wedding being conducted in a room just past the piano. I had about 25 minutes to set up, adjust, modify the light and shoot before the wedding guests were to start arriving. So everyone had to get the hitch out of their get-along... and we did just that.

The next look was on a dark green couch in the lobby. We then shot another look on the mezzanine, next to where Minnesota Fats, who lived in the hotel for years, had his pool table set up while he plied his trade. After this shot we went to lunch followed by a short drive to where Clare had her horse boarded to finish the day's shoot.

You can see all of these images here and some behind the scenes photos too.

9-14-2014 - This fashion editorial was shot for "Cowgirl Magazine" in and near Milan, Italy. We started shooting on the side of Stazione Centrale, (Central Station) Milan's main international train station. It is the B&W image with the model standing in front of a large metal door with a sign "Passo Carrabile" (Driveway). We are actually beside the tracks about mile from the station. When the station was constructed they elevated the tracks so they could have under track passageways for traffic. It is actually a series of arches making up the bridge. The Italians put doors at each end of these arches, closing them off to people, and they rent them out as raw space. This was in front of a fresh fish delivery garage.

From there we moved to a farm that has been allowed to lie fallow. It is a great location with many different "Looks" just by turning around or walking a few feet.

7-21-2014 - Cruise ship image/video. As an advertising image maker, I am frequently called on to create something interesting and memorable, even if the scene and light is less than memorable. This was one of these times. I arrived arrived at the Naples train station from Milan with my crew and we were on our way to Sorrento, where we were booked for a 4 day video shoot. The client later expanded this to 6 days which we all were happy about, more great food from the Sorrentine Peninsula! Part of what they wanted us to do is to shoot a cruise ship in the Naples harbor.

Fine, except there was no way to get to where I needed to be due to security. I started to look around and I saw something on the opposite side of the dock. I asked our driver if he could drive us there. He said he would try so we got into the van and off we went. As soon as we got as close, we jumped out of the van with my gear and while I started to set up I pointed to where I wanted to be and asked Emiliano, my lead assistant in Europe, to find out if he could get there. I started to shoot and in 2 minutes Emiliano is calling for me, standing where I want to be. He shouts how to get there so I grab all of the gear and start walking toward the spot. Emiliano doubled back and met me about halfway there to help with the gear and the first thing I do is grab a few shots while Emiliano sets up the other tripod close to the water. He then sets up another body with a 24-70mm Canon zoom lens and plugs in the intervalometer set to one frame every second and calls me over to set the framing. After I look and make a slight adjustment, I start the intervalometer I then go back shooting other imagery and video. Go here to see the video and other imagery with explanation of how I got these images.

7-17-2014 - This video was shot for an Italian tourism client in Sorrento, Italy as apart of their marketing campaign. This is a bakery in the town Piano di Sorrento. It is operated by 2 brothers and a cousin and in the 30 minutes we had to shoot they were working non stop. In the opening photo is a loaf of bread with a couple of handfuls of finely chopped ham and the entire crew enjoyed this delight. They also brought out cinnamon rolls, and something they call a Cartucce, (Cartridge, as in a shotgun shell) which is a small round pastry, about the size of a U.S. quarter or a €1 coin, with lemon zest baked into it.

While we are packing up and chowing down on these delights, they brought out a long slender Almond pastry which they then took a knife and cut up into finger sized slices. That was wonderful too. It is Bisscotti, but only cooked once. Bisscotti is crunchy and crumbles when eaten or dropped, but in order to cut it into a bite sized morsel, you need to remove it from the oven to cut it into the proper size and then return it to the oven to finish baking it. The crew consumed this too with equal delight and when we left, only a few small crumbs were left.

7-14-2014 - This 1935 Caproni CA 100 biplane on floats was shot over 2 different days, both in late afternoon. The still images not taken in the water, were shot inside the hangar with the aircraft positioned just out of the direct sunlight, allowing Steve to use the sky as a giant light source. When the sun started to get too close Steve just pushed the plane back into the hangar a bit.

The lake photos were shot about 2 weeks later and Steve waited until the sun was covered by clouds. The Como Aero Club provided the man power to launch the aircraft and then position it with the angles Steve needed.


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