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Advertising and editorial lifestyle imagery

In this "Over-Under in the water lifestyle image"there is believably between the models, even though they just met 20 minutes before. Even with seasoned professionals, in the first few minutes there is an initial uncertainty that has to wear off before you can get a "real" looking image. Steve says that by having years of watching people interact and training his eye to look for "Problems" he can tell if the image will or will not work. This same experience allows Steve to know how to direct the models to get a "Hero" image. When shooting boy/girl lifestyle the photographer needs to know what will look real vs. 2 strangers trying, and failing, to be intimate within moments of meeting for the first time.

Steve says, "The ability for me to look and see what the problems might be and then be to able to communicate this to the models is a big help in getting wonderful imagery in the very short time you have at sunrise." In order to get light into the water Steve had to wait for 20 minutes after the sun was up before there was enough light to illuminate the sandy bottom. Steve, "This is the time I normally stop shooting, the light gets very hard very quickly at sunrise and normally with a clear sky 20 minutes is the limit." He continues, "I have a conversation with both models before shooting about the need for both of them to act as if they are really boyfriend/girlfriend and this means touching. And not 'just touching', but touching as in they can't get enough of each other."


The Gear for the shot above: Canon camera set at 200 ISO, 1/200 second shutter speed, Canon 16-35mm zoom lens set to 16mm, f5.6 all mounted inside a Seacam underwater housing fitted with a Superdome port. Steve greatly overexposed the image to be sure that the underwater part of the image was bright enough to good detail and, from Steve, "(I) had to work very hard to bring back the grossly overexposed sky & skin in Photoshop".


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