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How I shot it

This shot was taken in North Carolina close to Highlands. We drove within a half a mile of the location and packed the gear in. In this image the primary light is strobe. Clouds ruled the sky this day and it was mostly heavy overcast with brief moments of midday sun. This coupled with heavy foliage cover made for some long exposures with 100 or 200 ISO.

Using the lightweight California Sunbounce Flash Bracket, we attached a Lumedyne head connected to a Lumedyne battery powered pack set on 25 watt seconds. The head is aimed into the California Sunbounce Micro Mini reflector which is mounted onto a boom stick to allow positioning the light at a high angle. The advantage of using a boom stick vs. a light stand is in the thick underbrush a light stand would have been difficult or impossible to set up and position. Also with the boom stick you can lower the light, remove the Boom Stick out of the grip head & now it is easier to move about. I like using the MicroSync wireless trigger system because of its very small size and is lightweight. In fact when not in use, it lives in my camera bag.

Shot with a Canon Professional Digital Camera set in RAW mode & a 16mm-35mm f2.8 Canon lens set at f4, then processed in Photoshop. If you would like to use this image, or any of my images for mock or comp use, please just ask. There is never a charge for this service. Any educational use is permitted without charge, unless published, but please ask first. All commercial use is available only with a limited copyright release prior to use from the copyright holder, Steve Thornton. Thanks for looking!

Same area, different location with different wardrobe, same light setup

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