Fashion and Beauty Editorial and Advertising Photographer, Steve Thornton - Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona, Miami, Florida and Vail, Colorado

As a commercial or a magazine client, why should you hire us?

There are several reasons to hire us. The first is the creative artist's vision, or HOW we visualize your project and is one of the keys to any artist you may wish to hire. It is this vision that is part of our value to you. Being able to pre-visualize the finished image means we can avoid most problems and solve problems quickly and know what is very important for us to worry about and what is not important at all. By knowing this it allows us to concentrate on what is deserving of our attention, our time & our efforts... creating a great image or a series of great images for you.

The next reason is delivery, we have never missed a deadline. We have been close but this is normally a weather, talent, client or scheduling issue and not because we just dropped the ball. If we do not think we can deliver the images to you when you need them... we'll tell you well in advance.

Additionally all of our shoots are fun. There is very little screaming, hollering or belittling of crew members. (Normally, only when the sun is going down & people are not paying attention will you hear me elevate my voice.) Because our projects are fun the models, crew and clients are relaxed and positive. My crew gives 100% effort to help me get the images you need.

I "see" advertisements in my head, we shoot advertisements on a regular basis. Almost every shoot we do is for advertising. As a result we deliver images that can be used for an ad without a lot of work on the designers part. As one client put it, "The ad designs itself, there are no built in problems."

We provide you service before and after the job is done. Any visual needs you may have we are only a phone call away. Even if you never hire us, if you have a visual issue or question please call. We are here to help.

But the biggest reason to hire us is... we can help you make more money. We do this by delivering you imagery that compels people who have seen one of our images to act because it has created an emotional response. We have made our clients literally millions of dollars via stunning & compelling imagery. We are not guessing... our clients tell us this and it is enormously satisfying plus professionally fulfilling.

If you have made it this far you have more than a passing interest. You probably like what you see a great deal & you already want us to create imagery for you. Let's chat, we really want to help you make more money by getting your message out to your potential customers.

We totally understand fear of the unknown is a very real emotion that is also logically based. How do you know we will do you a great job? You do not know this, however you can talk to existing customers about their experiences with us. Just ask & we will send you the contact information of our clients so you can e-mail or call.

Now... how can we help you make more money?

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